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What is AI Technology

What is AI Technology and Artificial Intelligence Pros and Cons

What is AI Technology

A very famous scientist John McCarthy invented artificial intelligence in 1950. After that, it is gaining its popularity day by day. The essence of artificial intelligence is there can be a machine which can describe the intelligence and simulate it. Currently, artificial intelligence is the ability of a particular program to think and learn. There are so many sectors where artificial intelligence is being used right now and it has some pros and cons as well.

Pros of AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technology

If we talked about the advantages of artificial intelligence then there are some aspects in which it is an efficient Technology.

Reduces Error

If we do something manually then there can be some human error but in artificial intelligence, there is no chance of any human error at all. There are some algorithms which are used to make decisions from the previously collected information. So the accuracy level is quite high in case of artificial intelligence and that is why currently so many fields are using it.

Takes the Risk

Artificial intelligence has saved humans to take the risk for any mishap. There are some limitations of human beings and that can be overcome by using this technology. Some serious scientific research can be erratic if it is dependent on human beings. But if you use artificial intelligence then there is a very low chance of the raised from the human side.

Availability is high

The availability of artificial intelligence is higher than human. A normal human being can work for 6 to 8 hours a day but a machine can work 24X7 for you. So you will get the service throughout the day without any break. That is why the educational industry and the helpline industry is using artificial intelligence a lot.

Repeats the Job

If you have any repetitive job which you can act as boring, then you can rely on artificial intelligence rather than doing that manually. Suppose you have to send a certain type of mail every day then you can use the artificial intelligence chatbot to do that for you. It will reduce the work pressure from you and also you won’t feel monotonous while doing it.

Digital Assistance is there

If you regularly use artificial intelligence then you can get digital assistance in so many aspects. So you can Ok to do smart work by choosing this type of Technology rather than doing hard work all the time.

Takes Decision Faster

Artificial intelligence is the thinking and learning power of a machine and that is why it can take decisions much faster than us. There is a specific algorithm which is carried out instantly and the decision is made in a blink of an eye.

Application is so many

There are numerous fields of application of artificial intelligence including our mobile phone on laptop software. If you search about a certain thing once then with the help of artificial intelligence you can get the results after a few days as well very easily.

Cons of AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technology

We have so many advantages of artificial intelligence but it has some disadvantages as well. The disadvantages are related to the cost and other things which are important to do the work sometimes.

High Cost

There is a high cost involved in setting up an artificial intelligence system or machine. There is also a high charge of maintenance and repairing of it. So if you use it for your business then the creation will cost a huge price for you.

Human becomes lazy

As we are quite addicted to this type of Technology, we are getting lazy gradually. So there may be some health problem in near future if you use too much of artificial intelligence technology.

Unemployment will be higher

Artificial intelligence can help a machine to do the job efficiently. So there may be the chance of so many unemployment because of the advancement in this type of technologies.

Emotion is not involved

In some services are human touch is important but artificial intelligence machines have no imagery at all. If you are managing something which needs some human connection to it than it is better not to use artificial intelligence for that.

Lack of thinking

People are bound to think out of the box but artificial intelligence is a program algorithm which will think in a particular way and there will be no change of it.

So these were some specific pros and cons of using artificial intelligence and you can choose which you want in your life.

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