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proxy server vs vpn

Proxy Server vs VPN

Proxy Server vs VPN

The people who are not quite accustomed to the information Technology system may have some confusion regarding the proxy server and the VPN. Sometimes it seems similar but actually, they are different. Here we have given a clear understanding of a proxy server and the VPN.

Proxy Server

A proxy server is a middle point through which you can connect to different websites. Generally, we browse the internet and connect to a particular website but if you have a proxy server the whole process is completely different. In this case, at first, your computer will send the traffic to the proxy server and it will send the request to the particular website you want to open.

Then the proxy server will download all the information on the website and will pass it to you. Generally, it is done to browse a particular website anonymously or sometimes to use a particular website which is not available in your location. The proxy server will make it look like you are accessing that website from a separate location. It is used by a lot of people but it has some disadvantages as well. There is a risk to trust the proxy owner and also if you are using a proxy then your data is encrypted. Show the possibility of hacking is high.


VPN has some similarities to proxy but a little bit different from the main proxy server configuration. VPN will give you the ability to route all your traffic anonymously. And all the traffic slowed by VPN is encrypted and that is why the hackers cannot get it through very easily. So if you are sending any sensitive information then you should choose VPNs all the time over a proxy server. Because it is much more secured than the proxy service and all the data are encrypted.

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