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what is CloudLinux

What is CloudLinux? & What are the Benefits Of CloudLinux

What is CloudLinux?

Cloud Linux is an Operating System which is specially designed for the shared hosting. It can improve the security of data and make the system stable. All the shared service can be e divided into the separate virtualised environment which is lightweight as well. It can secure the data of the server from the slowdown of the activities. Cloud Linux OS is used to limit the security breach. So no malware or virus attack is possible on the website.

The major benefits of cloud Linux OS

There are several benefits because of which so many people use cloud Linux OS as their major operating system.


The private virtual space should be stable enough to manage the data. And cloud Linux OS does exactly that. It will make a different bubble for each user to protect the website from the malpractices. So even if other services try to clash with your server then it can save you from that. It can stabilize your server and you will get error messages if anyone tries to access your website. So it can create a high volume of traffic as well.


Cloud Linux OS is quite secured and they launch new patches of security every time. The lightweight virtualised environment is there which can prevent the malicious software and other hackers to access your vulnerable files. So they won’t be able to get to your information from the server. Cloud Linux vs make bubbles which are used to protect the hosting account and it won’t let hackers access to your website and get your data.


This system isolates the service according to the owners buy lightweight virtualized environment creation. This type of environment can protect the individual accounts from attacks and also protect the entire server. So even if one account is down then others will not get affected by that. It can also control the Ram and CPU and utilise it to the fullest.

Easy conversion

If you use cloud Linux server then the conversion is quite easy. So if you have any other server right now like CentOS or RHEL then you can change it to cloud Linux very easily. The whole purchasing option of the licence is easy and you can get all the updates in a certain interval of time.


The customer service is good of cloud Linux server. They will help you with all of your queries quite easily and will support you in your operating system journey. They can solve all of your installation and configuration related problem and will also help you to fix the bugs. Dell customer support system also runs some diagnosis from time to time to understand your problem.


Cloud Linux OS is mostly compatible with most of the interface. And that is the main reason why so many people are referring to have cloud Linux OS right now. So there is no chance of getting frustrated during the installation of cloud Linux OS or during the usage.

So these are the major benefits you can get from cloud Linux OS and these are the reason why so many people are preferring it right now.

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