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Best Web Hosting Control Panel

Top 20 Best Web Hosting Control Panel for a better experience

Best Web Hosting Control Panel

It is very important to have an efficient hosting control panel to manage all the necessary features of the hosting server. There are so many options in the market in terms of the hosting control panel but here we have given a list of top 20 web hosting control panels so that you can have the best experience while managing your server.


1. cPanel – Best Web Hosting Control Panel (SastaHost) Recommended

This is the most obvious option of web hosting control panel because it has a certain popularity. But it can only work on Linux server and also has two separate parts for the front end and the backend usage. But it supports all types of virtual machines to connect to it and the mail communication is much faster and efficient by cPanel. It can detect spams very easily. While taking a backup, cPanel gives a study management features and also it is a high-security control panel.

2. Plesk

It is the hosting control panel which works well in Linux as well as Windows server. It is a centralised system where the user can manage multiple hosting services from a single space. It is the high security hosting control panel and also comes with some pre-built extensions for the ease of work. It is quite flexible and can be used for different types of web hosting servers.

3. ISPConfig

This is a PHP based control panel which is made for Linux server. ISPConfig is used to manage a broad range of activities in the server and so many people download it regularly to use it as their main control panel. Among the basic features of it, you can manage your site from your browser itself and also multiple sites can be managed from a single space. Multiple email addresses can also be maintained by using this hosting control panel.

4. Ajenti

It is kind of the best web hosting control panel for free. You can get a lot of functionality in a very lightweight control panel which is also very portable. The customization of this control panel is quite easy and also it works faster than any other hosting control panel. So if you want a fast and efficient hosting control panel then this one is a great option for you.

5. OpenPanel

It is a hosting control panel which is an open-source one and quite rich with awesome features. The flexibility of this control panel is much higher than the rest and also the architecture is very impressive because it enhances the usability of the product. Along with all these necessary features, it is also very acidic.


EHCP or easy hosting control panel is one of the simplest hosting control panels. It is completely free and you can manage a lot of data on static website pages very easily. You can install it anytime and the lightweight of it is a plus point. It is also very convenient to create database very easily in the server and a large number of users can also be added to the dashboard.

7. Kloxo

If you have CentOS or RHEL server then this one is the best hosting control panel for you. It is solely made for the admins and has a lot of intrinsic advanced features in it. It is very easy to get access to the source code through this web hosting control panel but it is not very lightweight and required a lot of space in your computer to run. On the other hand, it is very helpful for data backup and robust formation.

8. ZPanel

If you switch your server from Windows to UNIX and vice versa very often then this is a great hosting control panel for you. It is an open-source control panel and that is why it will be quite economical to use as well. The custom modification is also very easy because it is written in PHP. It has a very friendly user interface and that is why you can manage your database quite effectively.

9. IspCP

Internet service provider control panel or ispCP is generally for the professional people and the IT operators. It has so many modern features and also quite feasible for the site owners to manage their pages. The best feature in it is the automatic customer Service Management and ticketing is quite easy with this hosting control panel. You can create multiple accounts and also manage your emails quite efficiently.

10. VHCS

If you are thinking about pain a good amount of money for the preparatory dashboard of hosting control panel then you can choose this open-source control panel for better usability. It has a very good web interface which can be used in unlimited domains to manage the data. The licence of it is quite high quality and that is why IT professionals can also use this as their basic hosting control panel.

11. Webmin

This Perl based hosting control panel is solely for the remote servers with so many modern features in it. You can connect your Linux virtual machines with it very easily and it can also work as a very lightweight management system for your files. It can give you the facility of creating and managing several mails and sites as per your requirement.

12. RavenCore

It is solely made for the Linux servers and quite simple. It is kind of a substitute for cpanel. But it cannot handle very complicated infrastructure from information technology. So if you are going to use it for some simple usage or site management then you can go for this hosting control panel. RavenCore is a very lightweight hosting control panel which can be used for so many different it needs for the site management system.

13. Virtualmin

It is one of the simplest hosting control panels with a lightweight to manage Linux servers. It is the best hosting control panel if you manage so many dynamic information in your site. This hosting control panel is written in Perl and that is why it can be used in all types of hardware. It will also give you proper support for third party usage and that is why it is unique in the world of hosting control panels.

14. DTC

Domain Technologie control or DTC is a very efficient and quick hosting control panel which enables the user to create a virtual web server. So many prebuilt support in it for the better user experience. And you can use it to manage large scale data and all your mail very easily. It has a very efficient antivirus and awesome backup. But the best feature of this hosting control panel is you can measure the real-time bandwidth of your server through this.

15. Directadmin

It is a bit expensive hosting control panel and it has three separate atmospheres for the users, admins and the resellers. Also, it is not possible at all and quite large. But if you are looking for a professional level dashboard to create your data and manage them easily then this is a great hosting control panel for you. Managing emails is very easy with this and also it comes with inbuilt spam detection to avoid the virus.

16. InterWorx

This hosting control panel has a lot of modern features but it is a paid software. The creation and configuration of the web pages and meals are quite easy with this but you have to choose the correct purchase plan for that. The database management is also quite easy with this type of hosting control panel because of its modern technology.

17. BlueOnyx

This is a server distribution based hosting control panel runs on Linux and CentOS. You can use it for free and white modern to use as well. The management of the site resources is quite easy with this and that is why so many people are referring it for an advanced level management system. The download of this hosting control panel is also very easy and the certification installation is also quite quick.

18. Froxlor

If you have an average machine and want to create an outstanding Linux server then this hosting control panel is the best choice for you. It is not powerful like cpanel or plesk but you can easily download it because of its lightweight feature. It has so many advanced level features which you can use to create awesome file management system and it is also very user-friendly nature.

19. ISPmanager

If you have a large scale server then this is the perfect fit for you. It is an appropriate free hosting control panel and you have to purchase it systematically. You can have a very secure database and also you can back up your data very easily. So the operation of this hosting control panel is very easy.

20. VestaCP

It is an open-source hosting control panel with so many advanced features. It is written in PHP and JavaScript is also used and that is why the flexibility is higher in this hosting control panel. So the management of sites is quite efficient with this.

So this was a list of top hosting control panels which you can use as per your convenience. These control panels will make your job easier to manage your mail or site pages.

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