These 5 Basic SEO Techniques will Surely Going to Boost Your Site’s Traffic

Blogging is not only about Setting Up a Blog and Writing Numerous of Articles, Blogging is much more than this. Only Writing Articles doesn’t help you in Getting Results and Becoming a Professional Blogger. If you want to become a Professional Blogger, You must need to Enter in the fight of SEO.

Now, Let me tell you clearly, SEO is not an Easy task to do, Nor it is Very Hard one. SEO is all about Patience and Working for your Blog. Well, It’s hard to Explain everything about SEO in one Article. You’ll Learn it after working for it with your Experience.

Today In This Article I am going to cover all Basic SEO techniques (For WordPress and Blogspot Bloggers). Because We Know that most of the Readers will be Newbie and they choose Blogger for Starting their Blog.

Personally, I hate Blogspot, Because of its Limited access. But It is far Better than a Free WordPress Blog because You can Start Earning from your Blogspot Domain.

Best Basic SEO Techniques for Your Blogs


Researching for your blog is surely going to help you in Ranking on Google. You just can’t rank on top without doing a proper research. Over the Internet, there are so many paid and Free tools that can Help you in doing keyword research. Keyword Planner is one of the best free tools, that you can use for Researching Keyword and It’s Search volume. It also provides the Competition of that keyword.

Well, Researching for Keyword is not enough to rank well on Google Searches, You must have to Research on Competitors backlinks. I don’t know about any free tool which helps in this, But there is a Paid one which performs great. The Tool is Ahrefs, This tool Helps in Spying on Backlinks from Competitors and also has various of Premium Features. Ahrefs provides a trial Account where you can Use Ahrefs Premium for Free for 14 days.

Optimizing Titles and Tags

After Doing Keyword Research, Using those Keywords in Titles and Tags can actually Help in Boosting your Site’s SEO. Using Keywords on Right Position also helps you in Ranking your Blog on Search Results. Below are few Places where you must Need to Use Keywords for Better Results.

Use your keywords in-

  • Title
  • Headings and Subheadings
  • First Introductory Paragraph
  • Between the Article
  • Alternative Texts for Images
  • Using Keywords in Permalinks

Image Optimization

Image Optimization is not only about Compressing Images. For a Perfect Image Optimization, You must need to add Keywords in Name of Image File. Also, add Keywords in Alternative Attributes.

It also Helps in Optimizing and Improving the Speed of a Web page which also plays a Major Role in Ranking.


Interlinking is one of the most Effective techniques of SEO. Interlinking will not Help you directly for Ranking High on SEO, But It helps in Maintaining Bounce Rates and Helps viewers to Get more Relevant Content and Helps you by Staying and Visiting more pages on your Blog. It also Provides viewers to get the Content that He is Interested in Reading.

The Thing that you have to Avoid is Interlinking those Articles which are not Related to that Article. Even I Personally don’t like to visit those blogs which have so many Unnecessary Links in it.

Update your Site Regularly

Updating Articles Regularly will surely help you in Ranking Top on Search Engines, Even Google and Other Search Engines also Likes to provides Latest Updated Results on Search Engines. Search Engines mainly prefers the site which has latest, Most Updated Internet.

And Also Adding more Articles will help you in getting more traffic, as the more number of Keywords your website will have, The more Chances of Getting Viewers increases.

Well, These are the 5 Best Basic SEO Techniques for Newbie Bloggers. All of these techniques come under On Page Optimization for SEO, For Off Page Optimization Backlinking is the Best Method. I will surely try to Provide an Article Soon on Off Page Optimization.

Pro Tip- 

It doesn’t matter how good your English is, There is always in few moments you’ll face the Issue of Grammatical Errors. I Personally recommend to Use Grammarly for Article writing. The Free version works perfectly but you can Try It’s Grammarly Premium Free Account for 7 Days. You can Also use Refer and Earn for Getting it for the lifetime.

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