Does DA and PA really matter ?

Does DA and PA really matter

Does DA and PA really matter ?

If you are a webmaster or advertiser then you must be familiar with these terms and these metrics are one of the popular metrics to measure the authority of your site. If you are new to blogging, then you must be confused on how to get good DA(domain authority), PA( page authority) for your blog so, today we will be going to explain you the complete details about these two metrics along with some tips to increase your sites DA and PA

What are DA and PA?

Domain authority and page authority are the metrics calculated by MOZ team, one of the world’s best network in analyzing websites. It’s calculated based on your backlinks trust flow and their authority. For example, if you get a do follow backlink from a high authority site like HuffingtonPost, then your site DA and PA will also get increased as the trusted network linked to your site. Hope you understood the basic concept but links are not the only metric they consider to rank your site. DA and PA will be given to your site out of 100.

Tips on improving your DA & PA

Here are few tips to improve your DA and PA. All these tips are based on our experiences and you can also suggest us few other tips in the comments section below.

Link building – Backlinks are the key for improving DA and PA. The more links you build, the more DA you get in further updates. But, make sure that you are not building spammy links which will in turn affect your DA badly. So, make sure you build the links strategically and increase your DA by making the links. Also, don’t make more than 10 links per day and aggressive link building also come under spamming.

Domain Age – Most of the people don’t consider this as a factor but after reaching certain DA, domain age plays a crucial role in pushing it further. A site can get up to 35 DA in 2 years and after that, the domain age matters to push it further. There are also few methods to trick the DA and PA but, the next index might put you back to the same place where you came from. So, don’t try to trick them as they will be updating their calculation algorithm frequently.

Consistency – yes, consistency is also a key factor in increasing the Domain authority of your blog. Keep on posting consistently and even if you are posting one per week, make sure you don’t miss that one post every week. It’s not like posting 5 per day daily and keeping that count every day. Also, keep posting only great and helpful content which help users to stick to your site for more time. Create new and fresh content rather than focusing on the same old topics like funny whatsapp group names, facebook tricks and google plus shares.

Social signals – We have many social networks and getting signals from them is not very difficult. You can get shares, likes or pins from any social networks ( Facebook, google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter). You can also buy some gigs online to get thousands of shares. We highly recommend you to get genuine social shares of around 50-100 at least for all posts and it also helps your blog in Search engine rankings too.

Great post titles will also bring good amount of social shares. For example, A post with title “Look, How I expanded my chest” will get more shares than a routine “How to make chest wider at home

Why DA & PA are important?

Domain authority and page authority are the industry standard genuine metrics to understand the site’s power on the internet. It’s highly considered when it comes to the advertisements, sponsored posts, and flipping.

Advertisements – Advertisers blindly consider this as an important factor and whatever you explain to them won’t work. PR’s of a company are not technically knowledgeable persons in SEO and domain analysis. So, the only thing they consider is DA and PA. If you have more DA, then you will make good money with sponsored posts and direct advertisements. Few advertisers also consider Alexa ranking which completely remained useless nowadays as the tracking is only done through toolbars.

Sites Flipping – If you are looking to sell your website or blog, then this is considered as one of the important metrics next to traffic. It’s because that a site with higher DA and PA can rank easily for medium competition keywords.

How frequently DA and PA get updated?

Domain authority and page authority gets updated every month and sometimes updates get postponed to next month due to some technical issues. On an average, for every 30-40 days, DA and PA gets updated. You can check the latest updates and next index here on Moz site.

Conclusion –

Domain authority and page authority are treated as a very important metric in the view of advertisers, paid posts and website buyers. Just follow our tips and increase your DA by next update. If we missed anything then do let us know through the comments section below and we will be hanging out there to answer your queries. Have a great day ahead and happy blogging.

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